Umm Ul Qura was founded in December 2014 by the local muslim community in Alexandria. The center now has daily 5 times prayers, Friday congregational prayers, Eid prayer, Taraweeh in Ramadan. As well as Quran classes throughout the week.

The center was purchased for $550,000. Alhamdulillah, with the Help of Allah and all generous donors the Masjid building has been fully paid off.

We are now planning to start a full-time Islamic School based on accredited US State Core Curriculum and Islamic Curriculum along with an optionally integrated Tahfidh Quran (Memorization) program within the K-12 program.

When you visit the center don't forget to donate:
"Whoever builds a Mosque for Allah, Allah will build for him a similar house in JANNAH"


UUQC is open for 5 time daily prayers, and Friday prayers.


We offer numerous Educational programs for adults and kids.


Our Scholars are here to help you with your Islamic questions.


UUQC participates in helping those in need within our community.


You can ask your imam any religious questions


Interactive Prayer Calander

We have integrated a Google Calander that displays all prayer timings for the upcoming year.
You can easily look up prayer times, or copy this calendar as well.
Prayer timings will be automatically updated and displayed.
Download to Phone

Our Education Programs

Serving the Community

Islamic studies

UUQC has a part time 4 years program more details to come.

Nadira Program

Our Nadira program is great for part time students looking to learn to read the quran properly.

Hadith Classes

Our weekly Hadith classes focus on islamic history, manners, seerath and more.

Sunday School

Sunday school helps students revisit islamic education while also pursuing a secular education.

Hifz Classes

We provide Hifz classes throughout the week from Monday to Thursday.

Part Time Classes

Our part time classes are great for students who wish to supplement their secular studies with islamic education.

Our Leadership

Members of UUQC

Shaikh Abdul Matin Noumani

His Eminence Sheikh Abdul Matin Noumani, born in Pakistan in 1947, was a pillar in Islamic teachings until his passing in 2020. After earning a Master's degree in Islamic Studies in 1968, he moved to the USA in 1989. There, he established the Umm Ul Qura Center, a vital hub of Islamic learning. Sheikh Noumani's profound wisdom and teachings reached thousands of Muslims through his guidance and the numerous lectures and programs he held at various Islamic centers, mosques, and schools. His legacy continues to inspire and educate in the field of Islamic Studies.

Shaikh Muhammad Salim

Shaikh Muhammad Salim was born in Pakistan in 1972. He memorized entire Quran at the young age, pursued his Islamic education to earn Master's degree in Islamic studies in 1997. In the USA, since 1999, he has been teaching Quran, memorization of Quran (تحفيظ القرآن), Islamic studies (الدراسات الإسلامية / الحلقة), leading Salah (إمام), delivering sermons (خطيب) during the Friday prayer and Eid prayers, and performing religious marriages (نكاح).

Shaikh Tahir Warrach

Tahir Warrach is a highly respected Islamic scholar known for deeply understanding Quranic studies. At only 14, he completed his Hifz - the memorization of the Quran, at Haani Learning Center. His thirst for knowledge led him to Madrasah In'aamiyyah in South Africa, where he completed his Aalimiyah degree in 2018. Concurrently, he demonstrated mastery over the seven and ten Qira'at, the unique styles of Quranic recitation. Warrach's dedication to his studies reflects his profound commitment to preserving and teaching the core principles of the Quran.

Shaikh Dr. Nisar Ahmad

Sheikh Nisar Ahmad (نثار أحمد) earned his Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from the USA. He has completed his degree in Islamic Studies (Dars Nizami). He has been delivering sermons (خطيب) during the Friday and Eid prayers. He has served numerous Islamic centers, mosques, universities, and schools in various Islamic educational and social aspects. He has been an invited speaker for interfaith lectures at churches. He is a county-registered Marriage Celebrant.

Hafiz Dawood

Hafiz Dawood, a dedicated Islamic scholar, completed his Quran memorization (تحفيظ القرآن) at Umm Ul Qura Center under Shaikh Muhammad Salim's guidance. He is recognized for leading Obligatory, Jummah, Eid, and Taraweeh prayers at the center. His commitment to the community shines as he imparts Quranic and Islamic Studies knowledge to the youth. Simultaneously, he is actively pursuing his Islamic and academic college education.
Ask an IMAAM

Tahfeez Ul Quran

Monday to Thursday 8:00AM to 2:30PM Friday 8:00AM to 1:30PM (boys and girls)

Maktab Quran Class

Friday 7:00PM to 9:00PM and Saturday 12:00 after noon to 3:00PM

Masjid Hours

The Islamic center is open throughout the day and for all 5 time prayers.

Contact Us


6287 Franconia Rd, Alexandria, VA 22310


(703) 624-4626
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